UPSC Mystery: One Rank, One Roll number, Two UPSC Candidates

'UPSC Mystery: One Rank, One Roll number, Two UPSC Candidates'

On 25 May, the Union Public Service Commission released the results of Civil Services 2022 (UPSC CSE 2022 Result). The stories of many candidates who passed the exam with good rank are in the news. But a strange case has come to light from Madhya Pradesh. Two girls, the first word of both of their names is Ayesha. And both claim that the 184th rank is theirs. And both are being celebrated at home.

The first word in the names of the two girls claiming the 184th rank is Ayesha. One is Ayesha Fatima. She is a resident of Dewas in Madhya Pradesh. And the other is Ayesha Makrani. She is a resident of Alirajpur. Both say that they gave the UPSC 2022 exam. Interview was also conducted and he got 184th rank. Both say that their roll number is 7811744.

According to the news, when the matter came to light, the admit cards of both Ayesha Fatima and Ayesha Makrani were seen. In which some differences were understood.
The first difference is that there is a watermark of UPSC on the admit card of Ayesha Fatima of Dewas. While the admit card of Alirajpur's Ayesha Makrani looks like a print out on plain paper.
-Secondly, there is also a QR code on the admit card of Ayesha of Dewas, which on scanning is showing the same information as written in the admit card. While there is no QR code on the admit card of Ayesha of Alirajpur.
One more thing, the date of personality test on both the admit cards is 25 April 2023. But the days are written differently. The day Tuesday is written on the admit card of Ayesha of Dewas. Whereas in the admit card of Alirajpur's Ayesha, the day is written as Thursday. If you flip the calendar, it is clear that it is wrong.

In such a situation, the question remains that who is the real successful candidate. Ayesha Makrani says that she has been cheated. While Ayesha Fatima of Dewas is completely confident about her success. Although both say that they will take appropriate steps against such fraud.

Ayesha Fatima has studied up to 12th standard from Dewas. His father is a government teacher while his mother runs a private school. After school, Ayesha took the JEE exam. And completed his graduation in Electrical branch from a college in Indore. She says that after failing 3 times to clear the UPSC exam, she has succeeded in the fourth attempt. And now she will become an IPS officer.