People protest against the bad condition of the road

'People protest against the bad condition of the road'

Protesting against the deplorable condition of SM Pura Marg, people protested on Tuesday and criticized the functioning of the department and the administration. The protesters were led by Rajesh Padgotra, the provincial vice-president of the Aam Aadmi Party.

The protesters said that the dilapidated condition of the road has been going on for the last almost six years. But the government did not pay any attention to it, due to which today people are forced to protest against the government. He said that the government is making tall claims that development is taking place all around. But despite the dilapidated condition of the road from Ramgarh to SM Pura, no interest has been shown to improve its condition, due to which people have to face many problems. They are facing problems. He said that tar cola should be put on this route as soon as possible so that the ongoing problems of the people of the area could be solved.

He said in a warning voice that if the government does not pay attention to this, then once again there will be a sit-in demonstration against the government. Former sarpanch Khajur Singh, Bagal, Karan Attri etc were present on this occasion.