UAE-Saudi took revenge for the death of Indians, Houthi commander killed

'UAE-Saudi took revenge for the death of Indians, Houthi commander killed'

Three people, including two Indians, have been killed in an attack by Houthi rebels at an international airport in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) capital Abu Dhabi. Arab coalition forces led by the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia launched a vigorous air raid on the northern area of ​​the Yemeni capital Sanaa, killing Houthi commander Major General Abdullah Qasim Al Junaid.

Pro-Iranian Houthi rebels on Monday attacked the UAE capital Abu Dhabi with drones and missiles. In this, 2 Indians and a Pakistani national were killed. The expansion board of the main airport of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) caught fire after three oil tankers exploded in a rebel attack. In retaliation for this attack, a fighter jet of the Arab army launched a vigorous air strike in the northern area of ​​the Yemeni capital Sanaa. Eight drones launched by Houthi rebels were destroyed. Along with this, Major General Abdullah Qasim al Junaid, considered a big leader of the Houthi rebels, was also killed.

It is noteworthy that Saudi Arabia is considered to be the main enemy of the Houthi rebels as it is leading a coalition of Gulf countries to fight against them. The United Arab Emirates is also fighting alongside Saudi Arabia in a coalition against the Houthi rebels in Yemen's civil war.