Shri Kailakh Jyotish Avim Vedic Sansthan Trust honoured DIG Dr.Sunil Gupta (IPS)

'Shri Kailakh Jyotish Avim Vedic Sansthan Trust honoured DIG Dr.Sunil Gupta (IPS)'

Shri kailakh jyotish avim vedic sansthan trust honoured DIG Jammu, Samba and Kathua Range Dr.Sunil Gupta (IPS).

On this moment, Mahant Rohit shastri said DIG Jammu, Sambha and Kathua Range Dr. Sunil Gupta (IPS) is an honest police officer and keep on inspire his subordinate staff to serve for general wellness in this  pandemic, department did tremendous  job by launching operations against the drug trafficking which are engaged in carrying out illegal activities. He said that these drug traffickers are playing with the future of our young generation and department needs to launch more such type of operations against these traffickers. Jammu and Kashmir Police is doing remarkable work in every field. Apart from playing an important role in crushing terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir, the police is also playing an important role in preventing crime in the city. In Jammu and Kashmir, the drug menace was increasing a lot in the last few years but police is being successful to a great extent in controlling drugs smuggling. Shastri said that today the people of Jammu and Kashmir are feeling safe because of the policemen deployed day and night on the roads of Jammu and Kashmir.

DIG Dr.Sunil Gupta (IPS) appreciated the work being done by the trust and assured that police will work day-night to serve the society. 

On occasion Ajay Sharma and Adhitya abhiraj sharma were also present.