Renowned businessman join JDU in presence of Vivek Bali

'Renowned businessman join JDU in presence of Vivek Bali '

Janata Dal United State General Secretary Vivek Bali J&K & State IT Incharge Liyakat Ali said the Prominent businessman and noted social activist Qazi Faheem on Monday joined Janta Dal United (JDU) here, the party said in a statement. 

Vivek Bali State General Secretary said that "Resident of Charari Sharif , Qazi Faheem deals with the Hotels & restaurants  business and has made his own mark in the field of business community. Besides carving a niche in the field of business. He is known for his immense contribution in the field of social work," the statement mentioned.

Liyakat Ali said “BJP which claims to be champion of Jammu & Kashmir and had assured that it was due to the special status that the J&K has been discriminated against. Now when they are directly ruling J&K from Delhi and monitoring every scheme, it appears the BJP has failed on all fronts and the party has been exposed before the people where it has a strong base,” he said.

Vivek Bali said that the farmers, students, employees, daily wagers, remote area’s residents, business man and every section of society have faced the misgovernance of the Govt.