In the United Nations, the Prime Minister of Pakistan again chanted the Kashmir melody

'In the United Nations, the Prime Minister of Pakistan again chanted the Kashmir melody'

Neighboring country Pakistan has once again raised the Kashmir melody in the United Nations. Now Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said in the United Nations that on August 5, 2019, Article 370 was abolished from Kashmir, after which the special status of Jammu and Kashmir ended. A few days ago, the Organization of Islamic Countries in New York, OIC, also urged India to withdraw the decision to remove Article 370.

The Pakistani Prime Minister said that our country is going through a terrible situation of floods. About three and a half crore people, including children and women, are facing great danger. Life in Pakistan has completely changed. The Prime Minister of Pakistan said that 1500 people of my country left the world in the severe floods this year, including more than 400 children. Even more people are at risk of disease and malnutrition. Millions of people are still waiting on dry land in the camp.

Regarding India, Shahbaz Sharif said that India should take credible steps to create a conducive environment for constructive engagement. We are neighbors and it will be our decision whether to live in peace or fight with each other. At the end of the speech, Sharif said, "We want peace with India but lasting peace is possible only through a 'solution' of the Kashmir issue."

Shahbaz said that I think now the time has come for India to understand the message that both the countries have modern weapons but war is not an option, issues can be resolved only through peaceful dialogue. So that the world can become more peaceful in the times to come. He said that we have had three wars since 1947 and as a result of which only misery, poverty and unemployment have increased on both sides. Now it is up to us to resolve our differences, our problems and our issues through peaceful dialogue and discussion.