Government Middle School kanthol built in 1984 dilapidated condition

'Government Middle School kanthol  built in 1984  dilapidated condition'

ystem of education department in zone Khawas of Kotranka, sub-division under the administration of Rajouri district, is in disarray among the public. On one hand, the government is making standard claims to improve the education department. There is lack of education system in remote and backward areas.

   Middle School Binaa of Panchayat Kanthol of Sub Division Kotaranka was established in 1984. The said school has 72 students studying under open sky rain and  shine Middle School Binaa building is anytime  building collapse anytime dilapidated conditions .

   Mukhtar Khatana, a youth from Kanthol Panchayat, said that several times the high officials of the education department have been informed about the dilapidated condition of middle school Binaa, but the department does not pay any attention to the school . Mukhtar Khatana, while criticizing the education system of Zone Khawas, said that the education system in several areas of Zone Khawas is in disarray.

   In this regard, contact was made with the Zonal Education Officer Khawas, who said that the senior officials of the Education Department have been informed about the dilapidated condition of the said school.

    The people of Kanthol Panchayat appealed to the UT LG administration to improve the dilapidated condition of Middle School Bina and to issue instructions to the higher authorities of the Education Department so that the collapse of the school building does not harm the life of any of our children and The future of our children should not be played with.