GN Pandithpori seeks LG's intervention in restoration of vital bridge at Batagund, Mawer

'GN Pandithpori seeks LG's intervention in restoration of vital bridge at Batagund, Mawer'

Expressing concern over the delay in the restoration of the vital bridge at Batagund Mawer in north Kashmir's Langate, the senior People's Democratic Party (PDP) leader Ghulam Nabi Pandithpori on Tuesday demanded the immediate restoration of the vital bridge.

In a statement issued here, the state coordinator for PDP, Ghulam Nabi Pandithpori, said it has been ten months since the bridge was damaged. But no efforts are being made to restore it at this early date.

Pandithpori said people living in Haril areas are being forced to take long and alternative routes to reach their respective headquarters. He said the patients and schoolchildren are facing immense hardships due to the closure of the bridge.

The senior leaders had demanded immediate work on this bridge so that people would not face more problems ahead.

When this bridge got damaged, the residents were told it would be restored on a war footing basis. However, despite having passed a long time, there is nothing visible on the ground. The senior leader said.

He said around 40 to 50 thousand people have been suffering since the bridge got damaged.

Meanwhile, he has also expressed concern over the delay in the installation of the transformer at receiving station Safalpora.

He said if the receiving station was provided with a transformer after hectic efforts. The department has yet to install it. Due to which people of this area are facing hardships in this bone-chilling cold.

The senior PDP leader has urged Lieutenant Governor Monoj Sinha to look into these issues as people in both areas are facing extreme problems