Four killed, several injured in Rajouri Manjakot road accident other hand a ecco accident in kotranka rajouri road 7 injured

'Four killed, several injured in Rajouri Manjakot road accident  other  hand a ecco accident  in kotranka  rajouri  road 7 injured'

In the last 24 hours, a separate road accident  in Pir Panchal region of Jammu and Kashmir  Thursday, different  place  accident  in rajouri  district  a bus skidded off the road and fell into a deep ditch, as a result of which four persons  killed and several others injured.

The bus bearing numberJK02CD-9156 was going from Surankote Poonch to Jammu and met with an accident today afternoon near Dehri Ralyote area of ​​Manjakot tehsil. Soon the local people along with the police and army started  rescue operation. Sources said that at least four people were killed on the spot and the injured have been shifted to Rajouri for treatment. Ecco vehicle bearing number jk 11 F 4374 going from Kotarnka to Rajouri overturned from the road at Mandir Gala and hit a tree. Local people and Jammu and Kashmir Police reached the spot and started a rescue operation as soon as the accident was reported. Seven people were injured in the accident, including two teenagers and four women. He added that after first aid, four injured were referred to GMC Associated Hospital Rajouri.

 The injured have been identified as Basharat Ahmed,  Gudi Begum,  Mehreen Kausar, Seeda Tabsum, Dilshad Ahmed, Gulnaz Akhtar and Sulaman Rashid. A police official said that he took notice of the incident.Identification of injured in road accident Manjakote Aftaj S / O Mohd Ashraf caste Gujjar age 30 years R / O Surankote Mohd Sajjad S / O Haqnawaz age 23 years R / O Panjgrian  Nazir Shah S / O Ali Akbar age 50 years R / O Samote Surankote  Tasveer Begum W / O Mohd Riaz Khan age 50 years R / O Dharati Mendhar  Maqsood Ahmed S / O Mohd Khurashed age 24 years R / O Marhote Surankote Afraz Ahmed S / O Niaz Ahmed Caste Manhas age 17 years R / O Fazlabad Surankote Mohd Shakoor S / O Mohd Sadeeq caste Gujjar age 44 years Dodassan bala  Shamshir Ahmed S / O Mohd Bashir age 65 years R / O Bathian  Zabaida Begum W / O Niaz Ahmed age 55 years R / O Fazlabad Surankote Mohd Sharif S / O Mohd Shafi caste Bhatti age 50 years R / O Dehri ralyote  Nazir Ahmed S / O Mohd Wazir caste Bhatti Age 65 years R / O Marhote Surankote Naheed Akhter W / O Aurangzeb age R / O Dhar gloon Mendhar Mohd Sagar S / O Mohd Rashid Khan age 17 years R / O Fazlabad  Surankote  Ishfaq Ahmed S / O Haqnawaz age R / O Thandapani Manjakote Zensha D / O Aurangzeb age 1.5 years R / O Dhargloon Mendhar Shamim Akhter D / O Mohd Akram R / o Kotan Mendhar  Mohd Akram R / O Kotan Mendhar  Mia Mohd S / O Hamida R / O Fagla Surankote  Mohd Tariq S / o Mehdi Hussain R / O Muradabad UP  Mohd Rashid Khan S / O Alyas Khan R / O Fagla Surankote  Sharoon Mir S / O Mohd Sadeeq R / O Kotan Mendhar  Unknown ( Directly Shifted to GMC Rajouri )  Unknown ( Directly Shifted to GMC Rajouri )  Unknown ( Directly Shifted to GMC Rajouri ) List of Persons died in Accident at Dehri ralyote Manjakote Total 04 persons died so far ( 03 Gents and 01 Lady ) 01. Mohd Jhangir Khan S / O Mohd Riaz Khan age 37 years R / O Dharati Mendhar 02. Noushada Akhter W / O Mohd Sajid age 25 years R / O Dabrote 03. Ravaiz Iqbal S / O Mohd Iqbal R / O Daraba Surankote ( Conducter ) 04. Harshid Choudhary S / O Surinder Kumar age 25  years R / O Choukian Tehsil Nowshera ( Driver ) during 24 hours in P ir Panjal region Yesterday Poonch district  in Sawjian Barari Ballah 12 died  27 seriously injured in road accident took place on a minibus Reg. number jk12.1419 at around 8:00 AM in Sawjian  Barari baillah  of Mandi. As a result, 12 people died while 27 others were seriously injured. Four women and  child are also among the deceased. The news of the accident has created a sensation in the area. Seeing this, the local people started rescue operations with the support of the Jammu and Kashmir Police and the Army. From where he was referred  to the primary health center Sawjian. Where after basic treatment and treatment, they were referred  to Mandi. From where the severely injured were referred   to Poonch. Nine people died on the spot, while three others died in sub-district hospital Mandi. People have termed this accident as the bad condition of the road and the old vehicle. People said that this vehicle has been involved in an accident twice before. However, these vehicles are being allowed to ply on the road due to the negligence of the administration. The appointment of doctors and other facilities have been demanded here.

injured identity persons in Accident Gh Mustafa S/0 Altaf Ahmed Gagrian age 10 yrs Sameer Ahmed s/0 Jahngir Ahmed age 08 yrs r/0 Gagrianiram kousar d/0 Jahngir Ahmed 06 yrs r/0 GagrianMohd Azad s/0 Md Din 50yrs r/0 Do

Hanifa Begum WD/0 Manir Hussain 65yrs Laiqat Ali s/0 Shah Mohd age 35 yrs r/0 Tata pani Rajouri Nazia Akter d/0 Ab Rashid r/0 Gagrian age 17 yrsMd Akber s/0 Kabir Joo age 38 year/0 Gagrian
Md Iqbal s/0 Md Din age 50yrs r/0 Gagrian
Tariq Ahmad s/0 Farooq Ahmed age 21 yrs r/0 Do Jameel Akther D/0 imran Ahmed age 22 yrs r/0 DoSonya d/0 Ab Gani age 15 yrs r/0 Do
Ab Ahad s/0 Ab Staar ,70 yrs r/0 DoMukthiar Ahmed s,,/0 Gh Rasool Gagrian 25 yrsMd Ismail s/0 Akbar Din r/0 Sarl shahpour age 40 yrs Ab Majeed s/0 Ahmed Dar r/0 uripura Gagrian age about 65 yrs
Nazia Akter d/0 Md Rafiq age 19 yrs r/0 do
 Md Alam s/0 Md Rafiq age 26 r/0 Salootri
Nazima d/0 Ab Hamid r/0 Gagrian 

20 Jasvinder Singh s/0 chain singh r/0 Bishanah jammu age 40. Sanaullah s/0 Mohmda Dar r/0 Gagrian age 65 yrs
Gh Mohd s/0 Ali Mohd age 14 yrs r/0 doAdil Ahmed s/0 Md Rafiq age 17 yrs r/0 do

 Kamran Ahmed s/0 Md yousif r/0 do age 16 yrs
 Farhan Ahmed s/0 Do r/0 Do age 10 yrsMumtaz Ahmed s/0 Mashooq Ahmed r/0 Do Age 12 yrsSaleema Akther w/0 Sadam Hussain r/0 Gagrian age 22 yrs
All above Persons are injured.Dead person in SDH Mandi.Shaida Akther w/0 Altaf Hussain r/0 Gagrian age about 30/32Ab Karim s/0 Subhana Dar r/0 Attoli Saaroi in SDH Mandi.