Floods, landslides wreak havoc in Brazil, killing more than 24 people

'Floods, landslides wreak havoc in Brazil, killing more than 24 people'

The havoc of floods and landslides in Brazil is proving fatal. Due to this, more than 24 people have died. The most affected state, São Paulo, has been declared a public disaster. Also, two major cities have announced the cancellation of their annual carnivals.

Floods and landslides have thrown life out of gear in many cities of the country. Sao Paulo, Brazil's most populous state, is the most affected. More than 24 people have died here. In the kind of situation, this number is expected to increase. Sao Sebastiao and Bertioga are the two most affected cities in São Paulo. Both these cities have canceled their Carnival celebrations. In all the major cities of the state, houses have been submerged in the flood and only roofs are visible. People are using boats for movement. The road linking Rio de Janeiro to the port city of Santos has been blocked by landslides and flooding.

Sao Sebastiao Mayor Felipe Augusto said rescuers were struggling to find the missing, the injured and the dead in the rubble. Rescue teams are not able to reach at many places. Describing it as a chaotic situation, Augusto has posted several videos on his social media channels of the widespread destruction in his city. Including a video of a child being rescued by locals standing on a waterlogged road.

The Sao Paulo state government has reported that more than 600 millimeters of rain has been recorded in one day. This is one of the highest rainfall ever recorded in Brazil in a single day. The state government has informed that only Bertioga has received 687 mm of rain in a single day. Governor Tarcisio de Freitas has requested support from the military. The army will send two airplanes and special rescue teams to the area. A public disaster order has also been issued for the cities of Ubatuba, São Sebastião, Ilhabela, Caraguatatuba and Bertioga.