Chief General Manager NABARD Invited talk on "Farm Economy" at Central University of Jammu

'Chief General Manager NABARD Invited talk on

The Economics Society at the Department of Economics, Central University of Jammu organized a talk on “Farm Economy”. The talk was delivered by Shri. Bhallamudi Sridhar, Chief General Manager, NABARD Jammu & Kashmir, and Ladakh. Prof. Yashwant Singh, Registrar Central University of Jammu chaired the inaugural session.

In his presentation Sh. Bhallamudi Sridhar shed light on the current challenges and opportunities in the agricultural sector in India and emphasized the pivotal role it plays in the nation's economic landscape. Drawing from his extensive experience, Sh. Sridhar provided valuable perspectives on sustainable farming practices, technological advancements, and policy implications crucial for the growth and prosperity of the farm economy. Following the address, Shri Bhallamudi Sridhar ceremoniously inaugurated the names of the official bearers of the Economic Society. The newly appointed office bearers of the Economic society are Ms. Janhavi Chohan as President, Shruti Sharma as Vice President, Riya Sharma as Treasurer and Smile Sharma as Administrative Head. These dedicated individuals have been chosen for their commitment to academic excellence and their passion for promoting economic awareness and research within the university community. 

Prof. Aswini Kumar Nanda, Head, Department of Economics welcomed the august gathering. He also expressed heartfelt appreciation to Hon’ble vice Chancellor Prof. Sanjeev Jain for his visionary initiative in founding the Economic Society and his unwavering support in fostering academic excellence within the university. The initiation of the Economic Society reflects Prof. Sanjeev Jain's dedication to creating an environment that encourages students to delve into economic theories, policies, and real-world applications. His vision for the society aligns with the university's commitment to nurturing holistic education and promoting a culture of research and innovation.

Prof. Yashwant Singh appreciated the initiatives taken by the department of economics and encouraged the department to hold more events of this nature for the students' overall development.

Dr. Vishal, coordinator of the society proposed a formal vote of thanks to Sh. Bhallamudi Sridhar for his enlightening speech and for gracing the event with his presence. The Economic Society of Central University of Jammu looks forward to a successful tenure under the leadership of its newly appointed office bearers.