Attempt to kidnap a minor girl failed, with the help of local people, police arrested the kidnappers, one absconding

'Attempt to kidnap a minor girl failed, with the help of local people, police arrested the kidnappers, one absconding'

On Tuesday, three youths in a car abducted a Class 8 girl student standing on the roadside on her way to school in Haripur village under Rajbagh police station area of the border area of Kathua district and took her with them in the car.

After this incident anger erupted among the people and people started chasing the car and also informed the police. In fact, an eighth grade student from village Gadayal, adjacent to Haripur, studies in a private school at Thangar Mod, about 2 km away. As usual, she was waiting for the car on the side of the road to go to school. Meanwhile, three youths came in the car and forcefully kidnapped the girl and took her to sit in the car. This news spread like fire and people started chasing the car and the police overpowered the car from Rajbagh area and caught the two youths in it. It may be noted that the third youth who abducted the girl got into Chadwal mode with the girl, as soon as the local people came to know about it, he escaped from there. After this, the angry people of the border area first demonstrated at Haripur Chowk and then protested against the police by gheraoing the Rajbagh police station. People say that looting, theft, dacoity and snatching and drug smuggling are increasing day by day. Due to which the law and order in the border areas has deteriorated, today's incident is the result of this. During the siege of the police station, people demanded that the youths who were caught should be handed over to them, they themselves will teach them a lesson because people say that these youths who have been caught are used to committing crimes earlier also.

People say that in the past also they have carried out many incidents of assault, snatching and stunts and are involved in drug business etc., but the police never took any strict action against them. Because of which their spirits have risen and today they kidnapped a minor girl. The same police have arrested two youths and the kidnapping vehicle number JK02AK-2550 has also been seized. Police has assured the people that the third absconding youth will also be arrested soon. The same people warned that if strict action is not taken against these people this time, they will start a big movement. Due to this incident, panic has spread among the people in the area.