ADG Jammu Zone, Visits DPL Jammu, reviews Functioning of NAFIS Lab & Progress of NAFIS Enrolment in the District

'ADG Jammu Zone, Visits DPL Jammu, reviews Functioning of NAFIS Lab & Progress of NAFIS Enrolment in the District'

Additional Director General of Police, Jammu Zone, Jammu Shri.Anand Jain,IPS paid a visit to the District Police Lines (DPL) in Jammu to oversee the operations and conduct a comprehensive review of the activities undertaken in the district. 

During the visit, ADG Jammu Zone  was accompanied by SSP Jammu Sh. Vinod Kumar,IPS SP Hqrs.Jammu besides other district officers. 

1. The primary focus of the visit was to assess the functioning of the recently established NAFIS (National Automated Fingerprint Identification System) laboratory and to evaluate the progress of NAFIS enrolment in the district. NAFIS is an integral part of modern law enforcement, facilitating efficient and accurate identification of individuals through fingerprint analysis.

2. During the inspection of the NAFIS lab, ADGP Jammu Shri.Anand Jain,IPS expressed satisfaction with the infrastructure and equipment in place. He emphasized the importance of leveraging advanced technology to enhance the capabilities of law enforcement agencies in solving crimes and maintaining public safety. He also commended the efforts of the personnel involved in operating the lab for their dedication and commitment to their duties.

3. Furthermore, ADGP Jammu conducted a thorough review of the progress made in NAFIS enrolment in the district. NAFIS enrolment plays a crucial role in populating the database with fingerprints for effective criminal identification and investigation. He stressed the significance of accelerating the enrolment process and ensuring comprehensive coverage across the district.

4. In addition to the above, ADG Jammu interacted with the officers and staff at DPL Jammu to understand their challenges and address any issues impeding the smooth functioning of the department. He  reiterated the commitment of the police department towards maintaining law and order and extending full support to the personnel in their endeavors.

5. ADGP Jammu Shri.Anand Jain,IPS while concluding the visit, expressed confidence in the capabilities of the Jammu Police and urged them to continue their efforts in upholding the rule of law and serving the community with diligence and integrity.