03 Hardcore OGWs/Sympathisers Detained Under Public Safety Act, 1978(PSA): Kishtwar Police

'03 Hardcore OGWs/Sympathisers Detained Under Public Safety Act, 1978(PSA): Kishtwar Police'

In a significant operation, Kishtwar Police has initiated strict measures against hardcore OGWs (Over-Ground Workers) and sympathizers in the district, booking them under the Public Safety Act, 1978 (PSA). This proactive move is aimed at curbing anti-national activities and protecting the youth of Kishtwar from being lured into banned organizations.
The individuals in question are:
1. Zahoor-UI-Hassan Kamal, also known as Nikka Kamal, son of Wali Mohd Kamal, resident of Kamal Mohalla, Kishtwar.
2. Touseef-Ul-Nabi, son of Ghulam Nabi Gunna, living near Jamia Masjid, Kishtwar &
3. Raiz Ahmed*, son of Mohd Ramzan, from Sounder Dachhan, Tehsil Dachhan, District Kishtwar.
These individuals had previously been involved in various FIRs. Due to their continued engagement in anti-national activities and role in motivating local youths to join banned organizations, the imposition of the PSA was deemed necessary.

SSP Kishtwar, Sh. Khalil Poswal-JKPS said that the-operation was executed meticulously after obtaining PSA orders from the competent authority and several teams comprising of, PSI Rahul Sharma, PSI Anil Kumar, and PSI Surjeet Singh headed by Insp Parvaiz Ahmed SHO PS Kishtwar under the Supervision of Dy. SP Hqrs Kishtwar Dr. Ishan Gupta* were formulated. These teams apprehended the individuals from different locations in Kishtwar and subsequently lodged them in different Jails of Jammu province.

SSP Kishtwar, Mr. Khalil Poswal-JKPS, emphasized that Kishtwar Police is pursuing a multi-pronged strategy to address the issue of anti-national elements. On one front, awareness programs are being conducted throughout the district, while on the other, strict actions will be taken against anti-national and anti-social elements, ensuring the safety and well-being of the community.

SSP Mr. Poswal-JKPS delivered a stern message to OGWs and anti-national elements, stating that there is no room for such activities in Kishtwar. He called upon these individuals to abandon the path of endangering future generations and return to mainstream society, failing to do so will result in uncompromising consequences.

The general public is once again urged to play an active role in maintaining the security of Kishtwar by reporting any information related to anti-national, anti-social, or drug-related activities in their vicinity immediately to 9906154100.